"I went to see Jo with a curiosity to learn more about oriental medicine and gaining more awareness about my internal organ health. A month later I am still exploring the deep insights I gained in this session. Her grounded, loving, listening, patient presence and her deep knowledge and caring service were so profoundly supportive. Her offering of acupuncture,  energy work, and pointed verbal gems at just the right moments together left me feeling so deeply nourished, served, and cared for - I just cannot recommend what Jo has to offer highly enough. Her work is a rare and potent combination for deep healing, insight, and most powerfully for me, a sense of lasting ease in my own being. 

So rich. So grateful. Words do little to express."

- Brooking Gatewood



"Hey Jo, just wanted to say thanks again for the work you did with me yesterday. I'm noticing a distinct shift since then, way less reactive and finding it much easier and more natural to connect and share my love with people. And a big piece of that was you helping me let out a bunch of gunk. So thank you! You're awesome. Looking forward to seeing you again"    

- Robbie Carlton



"When I first came to see Jo,  I was dealing with some pretty major physical issues including severe fatigue, digestive problems, trouble sleeping and seasonal allergies. Since working with her I now have energy and focus, I sleep well, my digestion is great and allergies are gone. Jo has been an amazing support in my life, and I can't recommend her highly enough. "    

- Jordan Baker


"I first came to see Jo to treat pain from an accident and residual effects from a stroke. At the time I was also struggling with emotional issues. I found immediate benefit both physically and mentally. Jo's gentle strength and varied talents continue to assist in my pursuit of ultimate health. She holds a space for healing on several levels. Jo, I am grateful for your gifts, but words do not suffice.  

Matthew O'Connor



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