Free Consultation:

A 15 minute complimentary consultation, during which we will discuss your health concerns, and your questions and feel out the benefits that will come from working together. 


Personalized Sessions:

Based on your unique needs and symptoms, unique address both the constitution and the symptoms. Sessions are usually deeply relaxing,  


Stress Relief & Relaxation:

Treatments balance your physical and energetic system so that your body can find it's optimum equilibrium. Relaxing touch, unwinding the nervous system and deep rest make these sessions both enjoyable and effective.

We may also support diet, sleep cycles and practices which will help you maintain the relaxed and focused state you choose for your daily life. 


Allergy & Sinus Relief

Acupuncture and supportive herbs and supplements are very effective for treating seasonal or chronic allergies and sinusitis. Imagine your daily life without the drips, itches and sneezes!


 Long-Term Vibrant Wellbeing:




Pain and Injuries: 

Emotional Release

Digestive Health

Sleep Issues



Women’s Health

Higher Self Integration

Outcome based differentiation of sessions

2-3 sentences on what it is (what they get out of it, outcomes) and a link to schedule

Herbs quality and brands

Needles: fine, sterile, silicone coated...