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DATE:                          Sunday April 6 2016

TIME:                           10-5

LOCATION:               Ling Qi Dao Center: 1234 Brommer St., Santa Cruz, CA.


Earlybird:                    $80. Register by 4/28 and this full day workshop is $80.

Latebird:                      $90. Register after 4/28 and this full day workshop is $90.

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It's Spring! The time of birth, of growth, of forward and upward momentum. How do we harness and balance these qualities that are streaming through nature and ourselves and utilize this season to bring us into flourishing health?

Join Jo and Mark as we share practical Chinese energetics that align us with the flows of nature to optimize our health and vitality as we plant the seeds for the coming year. In this day long workshop we will be covering 5 Element theory, Qi Gong exercises, channel location and pressure points relating to the Liver and Gallbladder. 

Various Qi gong techniques and exercises that aid us in balancing and strengthening the Wood Element (Liver, Gallbladder) energy will be taught. 

We will locate the trajectory of the channels on the body and learn useful pressure points along the meridians. 

We will also study some theory that allows us to understand how to work with the points and channels in a way that is relevant to our physical, mental and emotional well being. 

There will also be exploration of clinical applications.